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Who we are

Belsupplies is one of the largest shiphandlers in the Benelux serving all Western European Ports. People with more than 20 years of experience in the shipchandling industry have founded this company to better deliver and  to better serve our customers at the best conditions and at the quickest response times. Based on our experience we think together with our customers to know their preferences and propose a tailored offer.

Who we work with

As one of the main players in the industry, the Maas Group is our preferred partner to guarantee our customers the most extended product catalogue, the best quality at the lowest prices.

How we differentiate

  1. -All our vessels are visited on board by representatives who can fall back on more than 20 years experience in shipchandling.

  2. -Our partners are your guarantee label for quality, service and quick deliveries

  3. -The most extensive product portfolio at the sharpest conditions

  4. -Customer satisfaction is our main driver

  5. -Belsupplies can quote and deliver faster and more accurate thanks to our optimized and flexible process